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Current Programs


Bucksfit Athlete Trianing

This Group is designed to meet the needs of high school and college level athletes. This group is open to all sports. Current days and times vary so please contact us about available groups.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program is all about you. Commit to training with us, and you commit to yourself like never before. This is the Opportunity to take control of your health. At every step, you’ll be driven by passionate trainers backed by the latest science and our industry-leading fitness institute. 

Getfit Special Online Program

When it comes to Nutrition there is a lot of information out there that is designed to confuse you. Whether you are a professional athlete or and individual just looking to become healthier and look good. Our approach is designed to silence that noise.

The approach that we take is not one that has a focus on fast, unrealistic results. What we focus on are the principals develop and popularized by Precision Nutrition. 


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